Supervision & Consultation

We cannot hold a torch to another’s path without brightening our own.

Ben Sweetland


Leslie has been training and supervising Marriage and Family Therapy students and interns since 1994. Her orientation stems from the perspective that who you are with a client is as therapeutically relevant as what you do or say. There is an emphasis on cultivating therapeutic presence, and supervision involves personal transformation through clinical experience and an action/reflection model.

A narrative, existential, and transpersonal orientation, this approach maintains a deep relationship to the beautiful mystery of being human while developing professional competencies within the ethical standards of the field. This results in compassionate, quality care that attends to the person’s pain and vulnerability, while engaging their inner resiliency and wholeness.


For current information on training opportunities, click here. Lectures and seminars are available to teach clinicians the therapeutic applications of climate psychology, and also an interactive-style of guided imagery within a psychotherapeutic context.

In addition, consultation, staff training and program development are available for bringing climate psychology, guided imagery and other integrative practices into organizations, particularly universities and healthcare environments.