Integrative Psychotherapy

Problems cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created them.

Albert Einstein

Despite our wounds and traumatic experiences, even when we find ourselves lacking what we believe we need, even though our dreams fall short of being realized, there is a way to tap into a perennial source of peace, bringing us into a life rich with meaning.

Integrative psychotherapy offers a safe environment for the exploration of body, mind, emotion and spirit, and their impact on health, personal fulfillment and relationships.

Because everyone is unique, my therapeutic approach is shaped according to your particular needs and wishes. Together we bring your authentic, true self into focus, calling forth your inner strengths and resiliency while you explore your vulnerabilities and concerns. We may use insight, mindfulness, an interactive style of guided imagery, solution focused therapy, EMDR, EFT, and cognitive behavioral therapy, to name a few.

My areas of emphasis include a healing focus with chronic and acute injury and illness, resolving trauma, working through relationship distress, cultivating creativity and personal growth, exploring spiritual concerns, teaching communication skills, creating meaning with life transitions, reducing anxiety with stress management, and exploring identity issues.

By transforming limiting patterns, traumas and beliefs, we can root ourselves in a life grounded in aliveness and depth.

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Marin: 415-459-4235

San Francisco: 415-682-0843           

Graduate School: Dominican University
Licensed and in practice since 1992
Marriage & Family Therapy License, MFC29793, California