Leslie Davenport

Join me this summer in pristine Hollyhock for a Nature Retreat, June 19 – 23rd. We will be diving deep into sources of wisdom and clarity while we soak in the beauty of Cortes Island. Explore your own gift and role in the “Great Turning,” belonging to an ecoharmonious transition that honors and protects life. For more information and to register, click here.


Every heart is connected to a source of wisdom that provides resources for a resilient and ecoharmonious life. Living in a distressed and changing world, cultivating an “ecological imagination” offers you a gateway to clear insights for healing and creative solutions that can be found within your own heart.

Whether focusing imagery for solutions to climate chaos, health and healing, reflecting on a significant life transition, or deepening gratitude in simple day-to-day moments, engaging ecological imagination offers a reliable map to greater strength, flexibility and wisdom.

It is my sincere hope the resources here support you.




Contact Leslie by phone at 415-459-4235, or email, office(at)lesliedavenport(dot)com.